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Why We Watch…

As a Mets fan, some of the best words I heard last week were confirmations that the Mets have no intention to sign Manny (Not to get all Marty Noble or anything…) While his bat would be appreciated the true reason I travel to Queens and watch at home isn’t just for a winning season and a World Series trophy.  Sure that’s great, but I watch because I love baseball.  We all do, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site.  When Reyes makes that jump to steal, when Wright has to be ‘told’ to take a day off, when Maine pitches through the pain we all root harder for the Amazin’s.  Of course when I go to Citi Field this year I want to see them win, but more importantly I go to see the players respect the game we all care about.  Regardless of what Boras says, I don’t go to the game to see one player who feels that he’s bigger than the sum of the parts.  That’s what makes Santana great.  He’s part of the team, I don’t go to see him, I go to see the Mets.  Let Boras ruin the Yankees…not my team.  When Murphy and Evans show they have the fight to do it and Tatis does it to prove to himself he still can…well I’ll take them anyday over an overpaid free agent.  Money can’t buy drive.

Let’s Go Mets!